Bike vs. car vs. transit: the commuter smackdown

Written by adam


This is fun. Streetfilms has produced a movie covering the 7th Annual Great NYC Commuter Race, a competition that pits car against bike against mass transit:

**Update:** It looks like Streetfilms has chosen this exact moment to take their site down for an upgrade. Sigh. Hopefully the video will be back up soon. In case the suspense is killing you: the cyclist wins.

**Update 2:** The movie’s back up! Thanks, Clarence!

This is almost exactly my commute (although I take the Brooklyn Bridge rather than the Manhattan Bridge), and I can attest to the fact that there’s nothing fake or staged about this video. The cyclist is even wearing normal street clothes and carrying a bag for work.

The depictions of the car and subway rides are also depressingly familiar (although the transit rider did herself a serious disservice with the bus-to-subway combo).

Note the carbon footprint comparison at the end.

(Via EcoVelo)

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