Personal vs. Business Carbon Offsets – Solutions for Everyone!

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Personal vs. Business Carbon Offsets - Solutions for Everyone!What’s in a day? Making coffee, using cellphones and computers, driving children to school, getting ourselves to work, preparing dinner.  The ins and outs of daily life affect our planet.  Almost everything we do – from the mundane to the extraordinary – creates pollution and expands our carbon footprint. And although many of us make an effort to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, our everyday activities still have an impact.

Personal vs. Business Carbon Offsets - Solutions for Everyone!There are many things you can do to reduce your personal carbon footprint, including recycling, using public transportation, making a conscious effort to consume less, taking steps to reduce your reliability on traditional energy, etc. But for those activities you simply can’t avoid – air travel, cell phone and computer use, running the heat and A/C – carbon offsets can give you peace of mind knowing you’re doing all you can to sustain environmental health.

Carbon offsets mitigate or resolve the environmental damage created through daily living. An investment in carbon offsets reduces greenhouse gas emissions by providing financial support to green energy projects across the country. If carbon offsets interest you, the first step is to measure your carbon footprint with the terrapass carbon calculator.  Once you understand your personal impact, you can easily (and affordably) purchase terrapass carbon offsets needed to balance the pollution created in your everyday life.

Businesses can also take responsibility for their energy use, reducing emissions as part of a corporate sustainability plan. No matter the size of your company, at terrapass, we tailor your carbon offset program to your business’s unique needs. We offer a variety of products that will quickly and easily put your business on the road to sustainability. And an added benefit: corporate clients that work towards lowering their climate impact can also see increased profits. A report by the CDP and WWF says that a 3 percent annual reduction in US corporate sector emissions can result in $190 billion in savings by 2020. Personal vs. Business Carbon Offsets - Solutions for Everyone!

Purchasing carbon offsets also adds value to your company’s brand, sending a clear message to customers, investors and potential clients that you aren’t solely concerned with profits, but that your corporate mandate has an environmental conscious and is concerned about climate change. Become a terrapass Carbon Balance Business Partner, which offers corporate mentions on social media, marketing collateral to show your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and a listing on the terrapass website.

Click here to find out more and purchase carbon offsets for your business.

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