Panel report on Tontitown project now available

Written by adam


As regular readers know, TerraPass recently conducted a full review of the Tontitown landfill methane flaring project, a project in our portfolio that came under heavy criticism in an article in BusinessWeek magazine. We investigated the allegations in the BusinessWeek article, wrote up our conclusions, and submitted those conclusions to an outside panel of experts for a final determination on project quality.

That determination is now available here. Although we will certainly have additional thoughts on this in future posts, right now it seems best to allow the panel’s well-considered opinions to stand on their own.

In very brief summary, the panel gave qualified approval to the Tontitown project, saying that it meets “a minimum threshold of additionality.” They panel concurs with our analysis showing that the project meets several standard additionality tests, and makes recommendations for further criteria we should apply to future projects.

A huge thanks to the panel for donating their time to this project. Their report is short and readable, so please give it a skim and, as always, send questions our way.

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