This vs. That: Is it better to watch the Olympics with friends?


The environmental impact isn’t always our first thought when we plan our daily activities. That’s why we’re introducing a new series of infographics, “This vs. That: Which has the smallest carbon footprint?” We’ll take a look at the different ways everyday activities impact our carbon emissions—even things like watching the Olympics.

At TerraPass, the Winter Olympics means many tired employees for the next two weeks, as we stay up late to get our curling fix. Being the carbon footprint nerds we are, we wondered if there was a better way to watch our favorite athletes duke it out for the gold. How does our tv viewing impact our carbon footprint? It turns out, watching with friends isn’t just more fun—it’s also better for the environment.

When you invite 5 friends over to watch the Opening Ceremony with you, the carbon emissions are less than if all of you watched it at home alone. So plan a get together to watch the games, then balance your emissions with carbon offsets. Every purchase balances emissions from watching your favorite sport by supporting emission reduction projects throughout the US.


What activities would you like to see compared in a This vs. That? Leave a comment and let us know!

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