No on 23, and No on 26 too!

Written by erik


Last week I decided to get political with a post explaining how anyone in California who cares about fighting climate change needs to vote No on Proposition 23, and hoping that anyone outside of California who cares about fighting climate change would tell their Californian friends to vote No on Proposition 23.

This week I could write almost the same post again, just substituting the number 26 for the number 23. It’s different enough that I’ll explain, but the bottom line is the same: Vote No on Proposition 26.

Proposition 26 would require a 2/3 vote to impose fees on polluting industries, by redefining them as taxes. The composition of the California legislature is such that a 2/3 vote is extraordinarily hard to come by (hence these annual fights to pass a budget). So this is really a proposition designed to impose fewer fees on polluters, among others.

Well, the fees go towards things like cleaning up after oil spills, and the environmental costs of air pollution and carbon emissions, among other things.

I’ll give you one guess as to what kinds of companies might be funding this Proposition. Grist does a super job laying this out in detail, but the short answer is – Chevron, Occidental Petroleum, and the California Chamber of Commerce.

Follow the money. Then vote No on Proposition 26 in California, and ask your friends who live there to vote No on Proposition 26 as well.

[P.S. If anyone from outside California would like to get in touch with a guest blog explaining a similar issue in his or her state, we’d be happy to take a look.]

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  1. donnie

    It is difficult, at best, to know what the “right thing to do”is. There is SO MUCH deception these days, between the “right,” and the “left” and even in the “in-between.” You never know WHO is being honest, and who is “pulling-your-leg.” Sometimes, BOTH “sides” are doing so!