New Year 2018: Eco-Conscious Resolutions That We Can All Embrace

Written by TerraPass


New Year 2018: Eco-Conscious Resolutions That We Can All Embrace

As the New Year approaches, most of us have a keen eye on the future. How can we improve our lives?  How can we impact the lives of those around us? How can we make a difference?

One simple thing we can do to ensure a better future for ourselves and for the ones we love is commit to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Here’s a quick list of doable, eco-conscious resolutions we all can embrace as we ring in 2018:

New Year 2018: Eco-Conscious Resolutions That We Can All EmbraceBring It Yourself – You’ve heard of DIY or “Do It Yourself.” It’s good for your wallet. But “Bring It Yourself”- or BIY – is good for the planet (and yes, we just made up that term, but it works). Don’t contribute to a landfill; instead, bring reusable water bottles, sandwich keepers, lunch and shopping bags wherever you go. The planet will thank you and you’ll finally free up that drawer or cabinet where you keep those plastic bags filled with other plastic bags (yeah, we all have one of those!).

New Year 2018: Eco-Conscious Resolutions That We Can All EmbraceGet Some Exercise – Making a short trip? Don’t burn fuel. Take a bike or walk! You’ll help save the planet and reduce your waistline. It’s a win-win! If you must drive, try to carpool.

Buy Second Hand – Clothing and furniture manufacturers make a huge carbon footprint. Craigslist and apps like LetGo make it incredibly easy (and affordable) to pick up gently used items that others are selling or giving away. Visit your local thrift stores to give new life to perfectly fashionable and unique clothing and household items.



New Year 2018: Eco-Conscious Resolutions That We Can All EmbraceBuy Local, Organic and Fair Trade – If you want something new, make sure it didn’t cost the earth a rainforest to get to your front door. Buy locally! Spending an afternoon at a craft fair or farmers’ market is also a lovely way to get to know your neighbors and community. When buying items that aren’t local, keep an eye out for goods labeled as “fair trade” and when picking up coffee, check for “shade grown.”

New Year 2018: Eco-Conscious Resolutions That We Can All Embrace

Try to Compost – Composting can be a messy affair. But do your homework and try it out.  If it’s too much to DIY, there may be a farm in your area that takes used coffee grounds, orange peels and other table scraps. Hit the web to see the easy, at-home options and other possibilities available in your neighborhood or town.

Green Your Home – Switch out your old light bulbs and appliances for energy-efficient ones. Plant some trees and learn to garden. The sunlight and soil will do you well!

Buy Carbon Offsets – Continue to change your lifestyle to fit the planet’s best interests. In addition, don’t forget to purchase terrapass carbon offsets to mitigate your damage to the environment and reduce climate change.  See our options here for everyone on your holiday gift list and for your year-round giving needs (and for personal and corporate use).

Terrapass wishes you a happy, sustainable New Year! Stay tuned in to the terrapass Footprint Blog where we’ll be sharing tips and information to create and maintain a green lifestyle. And follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where you’ll find more helpful articles and the latest trends for living in eco-friendly and sustainable style.

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