MOM’s Organic announces TerraPass Your Gas initiative

Written by aditya trivedi


If we dare say so, it’s the most brilliant marketing slogan that we didn’t come up with. TerraPass Your Gas through offsets with TerraPass!

We are proud to partner with MOM’s Organic Market, a homegrown organic grocer in the DC/Baltimore region. Beginning this week, MOM’s will ask their customers for their zip code info in order to estimate mileage driven to and from MOM’s stores. On behalf of their customers, MOM’s will purchase carbon offsets from TerraPass projects in direct proportion to the emissions from its customers’ shopping trips. MOM’s estimates it will be able to offset over 6,000 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent of eliminating the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 1,067 passenger vehicles.

MOM’s has been an innovative and progressive green business for decades. In 1987, Scott Nash, founder of MOM’s, started a home delivery/mail order company of organic foods out of his mother’s garage. Today, MOM’s operates eight stores, each of them making unique contributions to sustainability (see store page for more info on each store).

MOM’s mission is to protect and restore the environment. It has launched several other campaigns, including “Plastic Surgery”, which eliminated all bottled water and replaced unnecessary plastic waste (plastic produce bags) with packaging made from biodegradable materials, “Stop the Trash”, an effort to increase landfill diversion (they achieved an 85% recycling rate), and “Think Outside the Bag”, eliminating plastic bags since November 2005 (a whole 3 years before Whole Foods).

And the campaigns are just a few highlights. MOM’s is the consummate example of an environmentally-run business which walks the walk. Their practices include sourcing local and organic whenever possible; selling only sustainable seafood; supporting renewable energy; composting; providing Green Benefits for employees, and much more.

We are thrilled to be a part of MOM’s efforts as a mission-driven grocer, and hope to see the business continue to grow!

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