Make more food than you need

Written by pete


Next time you’re cooking at home, make double the amount you need. Keep the leftovers in the fridge and then eat them for lunch or reheat in the microwave another evening.

**How this helps**

Cooking can be energy intensive, especially if you’re boiling water or using the oven. It doesn’t take much additional energy when you increase the number you’re cooking for, so by cooking more, you’re reducing the amount of energy used per serving.

Plus, by eating leftovers instead of take-out, you’re saving money and reducing the amount of packaging needed.

**More information**

– 26 ways to save energy in the kitchen from

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  1. Alex

    This is a good suggestion, but my wife and I already live by this! I can vouch for the ease of implementing this approach, which is all the better if you are a decent cook. Invest in a few of the small glass containers (I like the rectangular 3 cup capacity style because it is the perfect amount for a lunch) and you are ready to save money, as well as eat food that is generally tastier and healthier than the standard lunch time fare.

  2. Kathy Ritscher

    I fix a large pot of rice, noodles or beans. Then I divide them up into meal portions. This makes great quick fix starches for a multitude of meals. I also make large amounts of sauces; spaghetti, cheese, etc. and again divide them up. Then a quick grab of sauce/starch combo and the meal is half done already. I buy large roasts. I use a slow cooker and cook until the roast falls apart and we have shredded beef for many meals. At the end of the week, soup from all the leftovers!

  3. Sharon Kenyon

    Another great leftover idea. Portions at restaurant are usually big enough for leftovers. Bring a reusable sack with glass storage/cooking dishes you can fill up and put in fridge ready to warm up.
    Sharon Kenyon

  4. Leila Warren

    Rice cookers are amazing kitchen appliances. It makes me wonder how we ever lived without them. Today there are several brands and models that also vary greatly in prices. You really won’t need the fancy ones.