Keep your air conditioner free of gunk

Written by terrapass


Last week we suggested easing up on the A/C during summer months to conserve energy. But whatever temp you choose, it makes sense to keep your cooling system running as efficiently as possible. Take a few minutes to give it a proper cleaning. You’ll save energy and extend its life.

**How this helps**

Air conditioners suck up a lot of dust and gunk, cutting down their cooling ability. Whether you have a window-mounted unit our a central unit, a quick cleaning will lower your energy bills and improve its performance.

**More information**

* A quick guide to cleaning your A/C from the Queen of Clean.

**Related tips**

* Wash your clothes with cold water.
* Skip the dryer altogether and use a clothesline instead.
* Open a window rather than turn on the A/C if the outside temp is below 70° F.

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  1. Misanthropic Scott

    One way to keep an air conditioner really clean is to use it extremely sparingly. This has been a fairly hot summer in NYC and my wife and I have used our air conditioners twice, both times when we had guests over.
    Sitting around in shorts and a T-shirt does not really cause one to work up a sweat. So try saving money and energy by leaving your A/C off.
    At the very least, please air condition to something like 80 degrees F rather than 68. Ditto for winter, heat to only 68 or so rather than to 76 or higher. Too many homes and offices get this exactly backwards.
    When you’re dressed in summer clothes, the temp can stay a bit higher. When dressed in a sweater, there’s no need to heat to T-shirt temps. Still though, with this summer winding down, why not see how long you can go without your A/C next year. You’ll be amazed how clean that filter can stay when it’s not used.