Happy New Year from TerraPass


What’s your goal for 2015?

Here at TerraPass, we resolve to restore the balance by working hard to give you the tools you need to understand, measure and reduce your environmental impact.

Look out for more This vs. That infographics, expanded product offerings so you can purchase with one click, and even a new website look in time for Earth Day! Have ideas about what you’d like to see from TerraPass this year? Let us know at [email protected], on facebook or via twitter!

The average North American generates about 40,000 lbs CO2e each year, according to Encyclopedia of the Earth. That’s the same as CO2 emissions from burning almost 20,000 lbs of coal! But we can all take steps to lower our impact.

We invite you to join us in the fight against climate change by resolving to lower your carbon impact with these five activities. We’ll help you out by posting tips and tricks to help you stick to it.

  1. Choose renewables! Participate in your utility’s green power program, if they have one, or purchase RECs to balance your home energy use.
  2. Go meatless! Try sticking to vegetarian meals two days a week.
  3. Drive less, ride more! Cut the car from your commute by taking public transportation.
  4. Cut down on paper waste! Lower the amount of junk mail you receive with 41pounds.org or go paperless with your billing.
  5. Go brown! Save water with drought-tolerant plants or by replacing thirsty lawns this Spring.


Happy New Year from the TerraPass team!


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