Green Wedding Guide

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Green Wedding Guide

Weddings generally mean BIG carbon footprints.  Think invitations, food and drink, venue, entertainment, family and friends’ travel, flowers and the energy it takes to keep the whole production flowing.  Even if you generally lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle, it can be a daunting task to keep the big day a green affair.  Cue terrapass and our creative ideas to keep your carbon footprint in check!  Below you’ll find our quick guide for hosting a sustainable soiree.  We can’t guarantee less stress, but certainly a clearer conscience and cleaner planet.

Green Wedding Guide

Pick the Right Venue: Just say no to a destination wedding. Get married where you know the guests won’t be traveling far to celebrate with you. Air and auto travel are environmental killers. If you’re getting married at a hotel, pick one that’s eco-friendly. An outdoor ceremony is far better than an indoor affair – it uses significantly less electricity and ensures better photos!

Keep Invites Digital: We all live on the Internet, so send an evite! Most people will get information about your wedding from your wedding website, so there’s no need to print directions or details on the eco-friendly hotels in the area. Using beautiful, sustainable paper and natural dyes, you can print a few invitations for the older crowd (who might not be online) and for those guests who are totally offline.

Green Wedding GuideSecond-Hand Dress: Everyone dreams of a wedding dress delivered directly by Valentino’s calloused hands, but finances will likely reveal that couture isn’t in your actual wedding budget, nor is it typically a sustainable option. Get a dress that is pre-owned! There are plenty of online sites for purchasing a gorgeous, second-hand gown. And do the wedding party a favor by simply choosing a color scheme and letting them wear dresses or suits they already own.





Green Wedding GuideGreen Table Settings and Flowers: Get together a group of crafty friends, some dried herbs from your yard or nearby fields and get to work on making unique and fragrant table settings. Keep it simple and pretty. Use potted plants and local flowers and greenery to decorate. Make sure any cut flowers are organic and sustainably grown. An easy way to ensure your blooms are “green” is to buy local.

Local Food and Wedding Cake: Farm-to-table catering is a must. Choose local bakers for your cuisine and wedding cake and ensure they’re using local, organic ingredients.

Buy Carbon Offsets:  For any eventualities and those elements of the celebration that aren’t sustainable, terrapass has Green Wedding Packages that offset your wedding day menu, drinks, travel and even your honeymoon! Check it out and check off “staying green” from your to-do list!

Here’s to many years of green wedded bliss!  And be sure to stay tuned to the terrapass Footprint Blog, where we share tips and information to create and maintain your wedded, green lifestyle. And follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where you’ll find more helpful articles and the latest trends for living in eco-friendly and sustainable style.



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