Green gift guide: gifts for women

Written by katie


I still feel bad when I think about the year that my brother and I gave our mom a microwave for Christmas. Sure, it was the mid 80’s, and sure, microwaves were the hot new time-saving appliance… but, well, it was an appliance. Not exactly a gift that makes a girl giddy when she unwraps it.

Fortunately, the TerraPass store is full of great gift ideas for women that are both eco-friendly *and* fun to get. Here are a few of our favorites:

**Roadrunner low-flow showerhead**

We women would love to be in and out of the shower in a few minutes, but let’s face it – rinsing long hair, shaving, these things take time. The Roadrunner is a low flow showerhead that feels like a traditional showerhead, while only using 1.59 GPM. And if your shower takes time to heat up, the Roadrunner saves you money by cutting off the water flow once the water gets hot (and you’ve wandered off to feed the dog while waiting). Don’t just take our word for it – your fellow TerraPass customers have made the RoadRunner one of the highest-rated products in the store: read the reviews here.

**RuMe bags reusable totes**

A colorful and stylish way to avoid the “paper vs. plastic” debate all together. Sold in sets of 3, the RuMe bags are durable (hold up to 50 lbs!), machine-washable, and have handles that easily fit over your shoulder, making the bags practical for way more than just groceries. And they’re even manufactured under strict Fair Trade policies.

**Climate Change Chocolate – 3 pack**

What woman doesn’t love chocolate? We’ve had the individual bars around for a while, but the new 3-pack comes in a gift box with 2 dark chocolate bars and 1 milk chocolate bar. For each bar sold, we offset 133 lbs of CO2, equivalent to the average American’s daily carbon footprint. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

**Vintage Winestoppers**

We all know that a glass of (locally produced) wine solves most problems. The vintage winestoppers are a fun, recycled way of preserving the rest of the bottle until the next crisis arises. They come in 2 different styles: recycled glass doorknobs and recycled metal doorknobs.

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