Green Gift Giving: Putting the Happy Back In the Holidays

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Written by TerraPass


You’ve made your list, you’re checking it twice…and you’re already exhausted. Getting gifts for everyone on your holiday list can be a serious struggle, and that’s before you fight traffic and long lines at checkout, and later initiate the tasks of wrapping, shipping and returning. Stop to consider the effects this activity has on the environment, and it’s enough to make your head spin like a dreidel.

Put the “happy” back in your holidays! Here are a few of our favorite ways to gift greener this year. They’ll put a smile on your face and our planet will be pleased, too.

  1. Green Gift Giving: Putting the Happy Back In the Holidays Holidays are for sharing with loved ones. Turn your time into something you can put under the Christmas tree or gift during the nights of Hanukkah.  A present of your talent and time is a lovely way to commit to a friendship or relationship. Maybe you’re a fabulous photographer or cook? Offer up a family photo shoot or an organic dinner for those special people in your life. Is your friend a frazzled mom?  Gift her few coupons for babysitting so that she gets some time off.  These ideas (and others like them) offer thoughtful, personalized options to the typical store-bought gift.
  2. terrapass-gift-card-300x3001We all use websites and apps to handle just about everything these days, including booking transportation, streaming TV and movies, food delivery, workouts on demand, online radio and book downloads. Via email, send a friend a gift card for their favorite app. It’s a useful present that doesn’t require a trip to the store or include landfill-filling wrapping paper.
  3. Green Gift Giving: Putting the Happy Back In the HolidaysIf you find yourself in a conundrum over gifts for certain individuals on your list (your doorman, postal worker, accountant, favorite check out clerk at your local market, yoga instructor, etc.), we have the perfect eco-friendly answer…food or holiday beverages. Everyone loves to receive a festive, delicious treat, especially if it’s your own recipe. Think homemade hot chocolate, cookies, pies and cakes, holiday spiced tea and handcrafted eggnog. Package your goodies in reusable containers, like mason jars, cloth napkins or baskets, for a nearly carbon-free token of appreciation.
  4. And for something truly special and unique that they’ll remember for years to come, gift your friends and relatives the TerraPass Festive Bundle. This package includes a holiday certificate, a Climate Change Chocolate Bar and it offsets 10,000 pounds of carbon emissions! Battling climate change and something delicious? Done and done.
  5. The world would be a much prettier place without gifting another horrible Christmas sweater (you know the ones!), that extra bold necktie (that matches not a single suit in any closet) or a bottle of never-used cologne! For all those non-green gifts you simply can’t avoid giving, counter the environmental damage with carbon offsets and make a positive, lasting impact! For less than the cost of a Hot Buttered Rum, you’ll support projects around the country that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help ensure a more sustainable future for us all.


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