Green Your Back to School

Written by TerraPass


Green Your Back to SchoolIt feels like just yesterday was the start of summer! It’s hard to believe that students are now packing up their books and heading back to class. Every new school year comes with change and adjustment, and we’re here with some eco-friendly improvements for your back to school preparations. We’ve even put our green tips on a school bell schedule to make things easy to remember.

  1.  Green Your Back to SchoolFirst Bell: Before the first bell rings, you want your students prepared with all the school supplies they need to succeed. That doesn’t mean you have to head out to the stores for new purchases of notebooks, crayons, pens, and pencils. Search your home for unused or partially used items from last year and put together a package that will get them through till at least winter break.
  2.  Green Your Back to SchoolLunch: Green your kid’s lunch by packing nutritious, organic meals in reusable food containers and use a lunch bag they won’t toss at the end of each meal. Check out these green lunchbox and snack ideas from our partners at Just Energy. Need to keep their meals cool? Skip the store-bought cooler and instead freeze their juice box or water bottle. It will melt in time for lunch and keep everything else fresh in the meantime.
  3.  Green Your Back to SchoolRecess: All that running around will make a kid thirsty, especially during the early fall days when it still feels like summer. Send your kids to school with a reusable, BPA-free water bottle. Make sure anything else you buy for them this year (backpacks, binders, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes) is made from natural ingredients, rather than toxic, manufactured materials.
  4.  Green Your Back to SchoolDismissal: It’s time to go home! If you live close to school and in a community that provides safe pedestrian walks, plan a bike or walking route for your children. If they’re old enough, they can go alone or you or you can take the trip together and share some quality, family time. If you live further away or often have inclement weather, set up a carpool with a nearby family. Carpooling saves on trips to and from school and reduces everyone’s carbon footprint.

We’re wishing a most successful, sustainable school year to all parents, students and teachers. Be sure to check the terrapass Footprint Blog each week for new articles to keep you updated and informed on green trends and planet-loving tips. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, where we’re always sharing the latest information to live your best, eco-friendly life.




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