TerraPass is now on board with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Written by tom


Inc. Magazine has the scoop on TerraPass’ latest partnership, an agreement with Enterprise that will allow customers to purchase a carbon offset to balance their rental car driving. From the article’s lede:

Enterprise has been toying with the idea of offering carbon offsets for a couple of years. Now, with all of its questions answered, the decision has been made…As they sign on the dotted line, a beaming Tom Arnold, TerraPass’ chief environmental officer, takes out his Blackberry to snap a picture, which he promptly emails back to the office. “I have to share this with my team,” he says.

Said picture (of Alicia from TerraPass with Pat Farrell, Enterprise’s new vice president of corporate responsibility) is over there in the corner.

We’re excited about the great story in Inc.’s new Eco-Advantage issue, and even more excited about our partnership with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which our customers have been requesting for a long time. Starting January 1, 2008, when you rent from Enterprise, National, or Alamo, you will be able to purchase a 300-lb carbon reduction for $1.25, enough to balance the average rental car trip.

Better yet, Enterprise has agreed to match customer purchases up to $1 million, essentially doubling the impact of the program.

The good news for Enterprise renters is that you’ll also be renting from a company with a solid environmental platform that is focused on direct greenhouse gas reductions. Enterprise has the highest fuel economy of any rental fleet. They’ve been smart about strategically deploying their 54,000 flex-fuel vehicles near E-85 stations, and they have the largest hybrid fleet of any rental car company. The founding family has also made impressive donations to biofuels research and habitat conservation.

Enterprise took their time developing a carbon offset program, in part because they weren’t sure how customers would react. As Inc. reports, Enterprise “surveyed consumers and was surprised by the response. Not only were consumers aware of carbon offsets, 45% said they were either ‘a little’ or ‘a lot’ more likely to rent from a company that offered them.”

We’re not as surprised, but we’re certainly gratified. The article in Inc. is here, and you can check out the official press release here (pdf).

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  1. Anonymous

    Way to go, Enterprise ! Now I have an incentive to rent from you.
    BG 27265

  2. Dave Schappell

    Congratulations to both TerraPass and Enterprise — I’m a loyal customer of both and think they make a great fit — I’m looking forward to seeing how the option is presented at the rental car counter in a few months, since it’s a bit of a mouthful (brainful?) for most customers to get a grasp of TerraPass… hoping that Enterprise does something to make it quick & easy to grasp the concept, and/or sharing some marketing collateral for TerraPass with the rest of the rental papers, to try to spread the message. In any case — huge congratulations — am sure it was a lot of work to get this done!

  3. caitlin

    This is wonderful. I am now going to rent from Enterprise instead of who I work with now.

  4. Adam Stein

    Dave — you’re very right about the difficulty of trying to integrate offsets into the counter experience. It would require IT changes at the point of sale, staff training, distribution of literature, etc. Which is why when the program launches, it will initially be for reservations taken on the phone or web only. This is a massive amount of exposure, and hopefully we can expand the program when it is successful.
    And to everyone — thanks for the kind words!

  5. Brandon Galbraith

    Due to a problem with airline tickets this weekend, I had to drive back from New Orleans, LA to Chicago, IL. I ended up using Alamo/National (as they’re an Enterprise partner for one-way rentals). I had the most fantastic experience with them, and the above news regarding carbon offsets will have me continuing to use Enterprise/Alamo/National in the future. Thanks Terrrapass!

  6. Kelly

    BRAVO! Enterprising of you all – way to go!
    Nice precedent set.

  7. Don Ross

    The time is always right for doing the right thing, and we’re grateful to see some leadership from corporations like Enterprise in response to consumer demand. We need much more of this from all companies and from our elected officials. Credos to the Enterprise folks for taking this positive step.

  8. John Williams

    [Ed. — we’re sorry to hear about your difficulty socializing with others. Please keep your comments on topic.]

  9. tammy

    I’ve always been happy using Enterprise. Now I’m even happier! This is very cool.

  10. Anonymous

    In April, 2008, I rented a car from Enterprise, Pendleton Pike (46236) in Indianapolis. There were charges which I questioned; therefore, I called to have them explained to me. I called more than five times only to be placed on hold. Carmelita was the attendant who would answer the call each time. The final time I called, Carmelita answered the phone and placed me on hold for what seemed to be 7 minutes. She was very inconsiderate in providing me an explanation for my question. At the end of the called, I expressed to her how reluctant I was to rent from enterprise and that the last three times I had rented from this company I was dissatisfied. I then said, I guess I