How Does Your Garden Grow? Fall Planting Tips

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How Does Your Garden Grow? Fall Planting Tips

Summer might be ending, but that doesn’t mean the growing season is over.  For the fall, you can anticipate a change in your gardening plans, but they’ll still yield beautiful results. Fall’s cool air is easier on plants than the extreme summer temperatures, and the warm soil is perfect for cultivating roots before the ground freezes. Plus, there are great end-of-season sales going on at your local garden center. From seasonal fruits and vegetables, to perennials and peonies, see how your garden can grow this fall with our autumn planting tips.

  1. Skip the Fertilizer: One of the best things about fall gardens is that you no longer need to fertilize your plants. End your fertilizing by late summer. Any new growth that comes about as a result of fertilizer will be cut short by the cold, winter weather.
  2. How Does Your Garden Grow? Fall Planting TipsGrow Your Veggies: August is the ideal time for planting cool weather crops, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, and greens like kale, spinach and Swiss chard. Planting in August gives these crops enough time to mature for a fall harvest.
  3. How Does Your Garden Grow? Fall Planting TipsPlant Peonies Now: Arguably the most popular flower on the market, peonies are often hard to find at the flower shop. Plant them yourself, focusing on late September and October. And if you live in southern states, they can be planted in late October or November. Settle your peonies before the first frost for beautiful springtime blooms.
  4. Start Composting: Don’t already have a compost bin? Fall is one of the best times to get started, as the carbon-based materials or “brown matter” (leaves, vines and dried garden waste) are readily available. The compost’s nitrogen materials or “green matter” (kitchen scraps, coffee grinds, fruit and vegetable rinds and peels, grass clippings, etc.) are sourced year-round, but fall makes it easy to balance your compost pile (the ideal compost consists of two-thirds brown matter and one-third green matter) and ready it for spring gardening.
  1. How Does Your Garden Grow? Fall Planting TipsDisinfect Tools: You plunge the shovels and pruners into the dirt, but are you taking the time to clean them? Were you even aware that your tools should be cleaned?  On a regular basis, thoroughly clean your gardening tools to ensure you aren’t transferring plant mold or disease from one bloom to the next.

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