Friday video fun

Written by adam


David Roberts brings the funny in his quest for “songs that express environmental concern and don’t suck.” It’s a quest that largely fails, unless “slightly better white-boy rapping” about methane capture counts as success. The TerraPass office represents 75% of the global fan base for manure digester anthems, and even we can’t get behind this song.

David gives top honors to Double Panes, an energy efficiency tribute to the tune of M.I.A.’s Paper Planes. And, you know, I like Double Panes a lot too, but at least 50% of its pleasure stems from the fact that they picked a good song to knock off. So my question to you, Mr. Roberts, is: why no love for the wholly original Autotune the News?

Episode #6 kicks off on the floor of the House mere moments before the historic passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act:

Michele Bachmann! John Boehner! Nancy Pelosi! Henry Waxman! Senator Junkie Einstein! Frankly, this is the only way I can even begin to make sense of anything I see on TV.

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  1. Tater Tot

    My favorite environmental tune is an oldie, but a goodie: “Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth” by Sparks (1974). I think there’s even a video for it. If this isn’t an anthem for change, I don’t know what is.

  2. John in Easton

    Tater Tot, thanks for the tip. I checked it out via Google and came up with–
    A link to a video of ML Gore singing it–
    And a printout of the lyrics–
    When she’s on her best behaviour,
    Don’t be tempted by her favors.
    Never turn your back on mother earth.
    Towns are hurled from A to B
    By hands that looked so smooth to me.
    Never turn your back on mother earth.
    Grasp at straws that don’t want grasping
    Gaze at clouds that come down crashing.
    Never turn your back on mother earth.
    Three days and two nights away from my friends
    Amen to anything that brings a quick return to my friends.
    To my friends.
    Never turn your back on mother earth.
    I’ll admit I was unfaithful
    But from now I’ll be more faithful.
    Never turn your back on mother
    Never turn your back on mother
    Never turn your back on mother earth.

  3. John in Easton

    Thanks for turning me on to Auto-Tune the News! What a hoot!

  4. Rebecca

    Thanks Adam – this was just the pick-me-up I needed today!