The Game-Changing Race

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The Game-Changing Race

Racing ferociously at 230 mph on circuits that get your heart pumping, Formula 1 is no doubt the most popular auto racing series in the world. But there is a new kid on the block that is stealing the show!Formula E is the world’s first zero emissions fully electric car racing series. With one season already under its belt, consists of 11 races in 10 top cities around the world. With no hazardous petroleum-based fuel, and hardly any noise to disturb residents, the race tracks are set up in booming city centers!

“Moving forward, the innovation in the car around battery, drive train and charging system will help in the design and development of the mass production (electric) vehicle.” – Formula E Director of Media and Strategic Partnerships Ali Russell told PTI.

While still in its infancy, Formula E has garnered considerable media attention and a large fan base, not to mention interest from celebrities. Stars including Leonardo Dicaprio and Richard Branson have already backed teams!


For Formula E’s first season, each team drove the same car: the Spark-Renault SRT o1E. The electric drivetrain was built by McLaren Automotive, and battery packs were created by Williams Advanced EngineeringIn Formula E’s second season, each team has the option to design its own electric drivetrain. High end brands like Jaguar are putting all their efforts into their new designs.


You may be thinking that Formula E is no different than other races, as the electricity used to charge the battery is still emitting carbon into the atmosphere. Think again! At the end of each season, Formula E calculates the emissions from all the races as well as the transportation of the vehicles to the locations and then offsets those emissions through approved sequestration projects and credits. They have everything covered!

Join the environmentally-friendly race by balancing your daily car emissions. Become a champion today!

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Want to check out the next race? See the race schedule here.Formula E is changing the way people see electric vehicles. #Drivethefuture

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