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Written by erin


This is a private message for the Moms. If you’re a Dad, skip to another post.

OK, Moms, we know how this works. On Father’s Day, the kids need to present Dad with a token of their affection, and to make that happen, we have to find such token and buy it. When my kids were younger, I usually took them shopping for some item which they could use with their Dad, like a Frisbee or a set of walkie-talkies. Along these lines, we have some great items at the TerraPass store. Sit your little ones down at the computer and see what strikes their fancy.

First, we have several devices which can be used for camping trips or any nighttime outdoor adventure. My favorite is the Eco-Lantern, a wind-up LED light which is bright enough to keep your tent illuminated, to explore the depths of a living-room fort and it has a nice night-light function so Dad can loan it to the kids after bedtime. And of course, you can count on the kids doing all the winding.

Next, for the more active gang, the wind-up flashlight is superb. It’s product from Great Britain, so it’s officially called a “torch,” creating a great learning moment for your kids to explain to Dad that things are named differently in England.

Electronics-savvy kids may opt to buy Dad a set of rechargeable AA batteries, which Dad and the kids can use when they play with the Wii together. They recharge by plugging into a USB port, and helpfully, the Wii sports two such ports.

Finally, kids young and old will appreciate a father-child matching set of motion-sensitive LED bike lights. Functional, fun, and inexpensive, these lights replace your tire valve caps and glow green when the bike tire spins. They look very cool and light up your loved ones far more effectively than reflectors at night.

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