Flying high: TRX and TerraPass

Written by pete


In a report released today [pdf] by the highly influential Stockholm Environmental Institute, TRX has been named as having “likely the best currently available air travel CO2 emissions calculator.” That’s no faint praise given the number of carbon calculators available on the web.

We’re very excited about the release of this report and the praise for TRX, because we’ve recently agreed to a limited exclusive deal with them to use the data in the TerraPass flight calculator (it will be a part of a new release of our new calculator in the next few weeks).

The TRX data will allow TerraPass customers to calculate:

* The different carbon emissions from flying the same route on two different airlines.
* The carbon emissions from sitting in different parts of the same airplane.

As the SEI paper notes, the TRX data “enables travelers to choose the most efficient carrier ahead of time”. So, before booking a trip, you’ll soon be able to pop over to TerraPass and decide whether to fly American or United will result in a lower carbon footprint. Now that’s pretty cool.

Thomas K. Tomosky, Ph.D., Application Manager, TRX Travel Analytics, one of the designers and developers of the calculator, told us:

> TRX Travel Analytics is quite proud of the superior rating our airline carbon emissions calculator has been given by the Stockholm Environment Institute. We are especially looking forward to using our #1 calculator with the #1 consumer carbon offset provider, TerraPass!

Can’t say things better than that! Watch this space for news of the calculator coming live later in May.

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