Fight climate change with green products from TerraPass

Written by tom


We celebrate every time we get a letter from a TerraPass customer asking to trade down to a smaller TerraPass because they sold their car, insulated the roof, or asked clients to video conference instead of meeting face-to-face. It’s all part of our philosophy that fighting climate change needs both absolute reductions as well as reductions achieved by purchasing offsets and renewable energy.

If you’re a reader of our blog, you’re familiar with our long-running series of conservation tips — things we can all do to reduce our carbon footprints. Some are simple (drive like my grandma) and some require a little investment in energy saving devices (who can forget the timeless review of dimmable cold cathode bulbs?)

This weekend, we made getting these products even easier with our new green store. You can sample from highly nerdy energy saving devices, fun green gifts, and even a sampling of the TerraPass staff’s favorite green books and DVDs.

The perfect Smart Strip for effortlessly slaying standby energy hogs

We’re shipping some items from our offices in San Francisco. Books and DVDs such as The Home Energy Handbook will be handled by the highly reliable elves at And your home composter will come from Greenfeet. You get the same great price and TerraPass makes a small referral fee from your purchase.

In other news, we’ve redesigned our web site. We hope the new site is more informative, easier to use, and provides a more pleasant experience around buying gifts.

Let us know what you think of the new site and store, especially if you have ideas for things that other TerraPass members should know about.

Here’s hoping for a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family. And if we can make your holiday shopping a little greener, do stop by.

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  1. Dave Schappell

    Love the new look and feel of the website — the homepage does a much better job (in my humble opinion) of explaining the TerraPass value add, and I really like the idea behind the Green Store — I’ll keep it top of mind as we move into our holiday consumer surge!

  2. leo

    The “conservation tips” link from this post appears to be dead.

  3. Adam Stein

    Thanks, fixed.