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Lead by Example:  We hear it said all the time, and we all know that it’s one of the best ways to influence others.  The idea of leading by example is especially important when it comes to matters of national and global importance – such as promoting sustainability and the reduction of carbon emissions.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be taking some time to examine sustainable initiatives, projects, events, and policies around the globe that we believe set great, green examples. This week, we’re focusing on Environment Week in Canada.

Canada may be famous for its maple syrup and hockey, but did you know that environmentalism plays an increasingly important role in the Canadian lifestyle? There are a growing number of environmentalists, movements, and organizations dedicated to sustainability and solving global warming issues.

Canada’s Environment Week is one example. This year, Environment Week is June 2-8, and it aims to celebrate the various environmental achievements across the country that tackle human causes of climate change and air pollution. Below, find some of the highlights of Canada’s Environment Week 2013:

The Commuter Challenge – June 3-9 this year, the Commuter Challenge is a nationwide event to promote friendly competition amongst employers, organizations and cities. The goal is to see who can get the most employees to commit to more eco-friendly methods of commuting, such as biking, walking, or carpooling.

World Environment Day – Canada’s Environment Week coincides with World Environment Day, which falls on June 5th.

Clean Air Day – Clean Air Day falls on June 6th, and is a wonderful opportunity for Canadians to participate in events, activities and projects to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. Since Canada is a global leader in clean air science research, Clean Air Day is an important part of Environment Week.

World Oceans Day – On World Oceans Day, June 8th, Canadians around the country will participate in events to raise awareness about the threats to our oceans.

Imagine if every nation in the world took a week to celebrate our planet. Who knows what kind of possibilities, ideas and opportunities would emerge!

Environment Week is still a growing phenomenon, so be sure to spread the word to your Canadian friends, family members and colleagues, in order to mobilize the movement!

Will you participate in or host any events for Environment Week this year? Do you believe such a week would benefit environmental efforts in other countries around the globe? Let us know in the comments, below!

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