Enterprise Fleet Management wins a Stevie

Written by alicia



We at TerraPass want to congratulate our partner Enterprise Fleet Management for winning the 2009 American Business Award for Environmental Responsibility Program of the Year. Fleet Management earned this national award by rolling out a set of programs to reduce the carbon footprint of its customers’ vehicles.

Enterprise Fleet Management’s environmental programs include the following:

* Vehicle Cycling/Fleet Optimization — Enterprise provides comprehensive data for measuring fleet emissions, project improvements in fuel efficiency and direct and indirect remediation costs.

* Emerging Fuel and Engine Technologies — With the largest fleet of FlexFuel and thousands of gas-electric hybrids, Enterprise helps customers make smart decisions about new engine technologies.

* Offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions — Enterprise helps customers purchase verifiable greenhouse gas emissions through TerraPass.

* Fleet Emission Footprint Analysis — Enterprise helps businesses analyze options to balance or mitigate emissions by measuring the carbon footprint of individual vehicles in a company’s fleet.

Fleet Management’s Stevie award also reflects well on Enterprise’s broader sustainability efforts, which are detailed at fleet.keystogreen.com. TerraPass is proud to support Enterprise and its leading efforts in the area of sustainability.

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