Empowering San Francisco Residents to Restore the Balance

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One-of-a-kind solution available for Bay Area residents to balance their lifestyle and make a positive impact on climate change.

bay area balanceSAN FRANCISCO, August 25, 2015: Californians know first-hand how devastating climate change can be. Extended drought and extreme weather events have taken their toll on the San Francisco Bay Area and TerraPass has a solution: Bay Area Balance. This versatile solution is the first of its kind, tailored to the average emissions of Bay Area residents to make taking action easy and impactful.

Bay Area Balance gives residents the opportunity to manage their environmental impact with carbon offsets for natural gas consumption and car emissions, RECs for household electricity use, and an option to purchase WRCs® through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF WRCs®) that supports water restoration in California. With both individual and family packages available, Bay Area Balance offers residents the opportunity to tailor the product to best match their lifestyle.

“TerraPass is continually working to find the best solutions for our customers to help mitigate the effects climate change has on our planet,” says Christopher Duzich, Vice President, TerraPass. “We want to empower more people to make a positive impact on our planet. Bay Area residents are highly knowledgeable about environmental issues and are adopting policies to address them. So we specifically created this out of the box, one-of-a-kind solution tailored to Bay Area residents.”

Bay Area Balance is a conveniently bundled product, managing the environmental impact of the many aspects of an individual’s or family’s lifestyle. This bundle consists of the following:

  • Carbon offsets are certificates representing the reduction of one metric ton (2,205 lbs.) of carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon offsets are generated by capturing or destroying greenhouse gases, producing clean, renewable energy, or by sequestering gases.
  • Renewable energy credits (RECs) are created for each megawatt-hour (1 MWh, or 1,000 kilowatt-hours) of renewable electricity generated and delivered to the power grid.
  • BEF Water Restoration Certificates® (BEF WRCs®) provide funding to support projects that help ranchers and farmers devise and implement new water management solutions that replenish water to benefit rivers and wetlands.

About TerraPass
TerraPass, a provider of sustainable carbon emissions solutions since 2004, is a trade name of Just Energy Resources LLC, a member of the Just Energy group of companies that is focused on pursuing sustainable solutions to climate change. We support projects throughout North America that reduce greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy. The TerraPass products and services provide consumers and businesses with the options and ability to help them reduce the environmental impact of their everyday activities through carbon offsets and renewable energy credits

Learn more at www.terrapass.com. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest. TerraPass is a registered trade name of Just Energy Resources LLC.

About Bonneville Environmental Foundation
BEF, a national nonprofit, empowers businesses to be in balance with the environment through a full suite of environmental products, educational and community engagement programs, and custom solutions that help our partners address their unavoidable energy, carbon and water impacts. We align our partners’ goals with our extensive industry expertise to achieve immediate results today while helping solve tomorrow’s biggest environmental challenges. We thrive on bringing game-changing ideas to market, including: helping to start the voluntary renewable energy credit (REC) market; creating the first voluntary water restoration product (WRC®); helping launch the first community-funded solar project in the nation; co-creating the Change the Course water sustainability campaign; and building the nation’s most comprehensive K-12 renewable energy STEM education program. Learn more at b-e-f.org.

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