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If you’re like most people, you could use a vacation. Like…yesterday.

We love to get away from it all, but traveling puts a heavy strain on the environment. Transportation (especially air travel), hotel stays, meals eaten out and all the unusual activities one participates in only while on vacation combine to create one very large carbon footprint. Rather than relegate yourself to free time at home or “staycations,” (there’s so much to be learned and appreciated in this great, big world!), there are lots of simple ways to make your next trip eco-friendly without sacrificing fun, adventure or excitement. Here are four powerful ways to mitigate your environmental impact the next time you plan an escape.

bigstock--164424809Pick the Proper Mode of Transportation: From departure from your front door to arrival at your destination, there are often involves numerous modes of transportation involved. Whether you’re taking a road trip, boarding a train, hopping a bus or catching a flight, your form of transport has a big impact on the environmentally friendly (or unfriendly) factor of your overall trip. Click here to see our blog post on the greenest ways to get around.

Eco Travel TipsStay Sustainably: Hotels are often major culprits on the carbon pollution scene. Tons of laundry, loads of electricity and all the other challenges associated with housing large groups of people have a negative impact on the environment. Hotels and inns that have adopted eco-friendly practices are usually proud to tout that fact and will make it known to their guests. Before you book, seek out a stay that is looking out for the greater good.

Eco Travel TipsPick Environmental Activities: You’ve traveled far distances for a change of scenery. Take advantage of the natural surroundings in your new location, especially those you wouldn’t see at home. Go for a hike, a bike ride or a long walk to explore the amazing natural wonders of the world. And if you happen to be in urban environs, walking a city (rather that grabbing a bus or taxi), is one of the best ways to get the feel of a new place, and you’ll likely make new friends along the way!

Balance Your Journey: Conde Nast Traveler, one of the premier travel magazines, recommends that travelers offset their environmental impact. They suggest using a carbon calculator to determine how much pollution (CO2) their trip creates and donating the monetary value of their emissions to terrapass. Through the sale of carbon offsets, terrapass supports projects across the country that create renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fighting climate change. Click here to purchase your carbon offsets today!

Eco Travel TipsSo go ahead!  Book that trip! But plan ahead and make it eco-friendly. It will give you peace of mind and the Earth will certainly thank you for it!

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