Eco-friendly parties for your little ones

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This post originally appeared on the JustGreen Community website.

Your child has been relentlessly reminding you these past six months:  his or her birthday is coming up!

If you’re in the party planning stages, here’s a thought: why not teach your little ones how to have fun in an environmentally conscious way?

Below, find our top tips for reducing your carbon footprint while also hosting an amazing event for your child:

  1. Skip the Paper Invites: You can find a huge selection of super cute and fun designs via evite.
  2. Team Up: Is there another student in your child’s class with a birthday coming up? If the children are friends, talk to the parents about pooling resources for a joint party.
  3. Choose a “Green” Theme: Little Susie may not appreciate a “recycling” theme, but there are plenty of themes that are fun AND eco-friendly! A few ideas: Rainforest, Jungle, How Does Your Garden Grow, Farm (organic, of course!), Beach Party and Under the Sea.
  4. Arts & Crafts with Recycled Materials: These fun crafts are great for the kids, and with minimal environmental impact, too! Skip the plastic, favor bags – kids can take their crafts home as party favors!
  5. Snack Time: Serve healthy, organic snacks such as dried or fresh organic fruits and veggies, organic nuts (be sure to ask about allergies beforehand), agave nectar sticks and small amounts of organic dark chocolate. If you’re feeling ambitious, search online for an organic birthday cake recipe, or purchase one from your local, organic bakery.
  6. Take it Outdoors: Weather permitting, consider a trip to the local park, lake, or nature preserve. Be sure to leave the venue in the same shape you found it!
  7. Encourage Carpooling: Encourage your guests to ride together, or walk/bike to the party if they live close by, in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Voila! The recipe for a green themed get-together that’s sure to make your child (and the planet) a very happy camper!

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