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The holidays can turn even zero-waste hardliners into impulse consumers. But don’t let the pressure of gift-giving sway you to buy presents that will leave a significant mark on the planet. Terrapass has the ideal solution:  the terrapass Festive Bundle makes  the perfect gift for your friends, family and colleagues. Our Festive Bundle includes 10,000 lbs of carbon offsets (the equivalent of taking a passenger car off the road for a year), a holiday certificate and a Climate Change Chocolate Bar. Click here to see the details on the Festive Bundle and order today!.  Note that when you purchase carbon offsets from terrapass, your gift balances out the pollution created by one’s daily activities. It’s the most thoughtful offering for anyone who’s committed to the future of the planet.

Read on for other fantastic, eco-friendly holiday gifts:

terrapass Festive BundleFor Fashion Fans: Buy items that the fashion forward on your list can wear regularly and which are created with a conscience. The factories that produce Everlane products are required to complete compliance audits that evaluate the treatment of their workers. Everlane sells affordable cashmere sweaters, scarves and hats in stylish cuts and patterns that can be handed down for generations. For less money, there’s Fair Indigo’s fair trade Baby Alpaca Scarf. Fair Indigo works with communities in the Andes which make the scarves from sustainably-herded alpacas.

terrapass Festive BundleFor Foodies: To help eliminate plastics from the kitchen while remaining on trend, there’s the plastic wrap alternative, Bee’s Wrap, which combines organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin to create a reusable, washable and compostable food storage alternative. For those who compost, ACHLA Designs created a durable, silver-brushed, stainless steel kitchen compost pail that will beautify your yard. And for the java junkie in your life, give the gift that keeps on giving – month after month! Grounds for Change’s Explorer Coffee of the Month delivers to your home a monthly care package of delicious, fair trade, organic joe.

terrapass Festive BundleFor New Parents: New babies use lots of diapers! Keep these tiny-footed humans’ carbon footprints even smaller by purchasing disposable – but eco-friendly – Bambo Nature’s diapers that are created with little waste. Two other great, green gifts for new parents: pay for their babysitter (or volunteer to babysit) so parents can have a date night (or sleep!); and massages, because, you know, new parent stress is a THING!

For Co-workers: Digital gift cards are the way to go. They’re difficult to lose and they don’t carry a trace of polluting plastic or forest-destroying paper!

Stay tuned to terrapass this holiday season! On the terrapass Footprint Blog, we’ll be sharing tips and information to create and maintain a green lifestyle. And follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where you’ll find more helpful articles and the latest trends for living in eco-friendly and sustainable style.



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