Easy Ways to ReduceYour Carbon Footprint

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Easy Ways to ReduceYour Carbon Footprint

If you’re reading this article, you’re a person who cares about our planet.  You likely turn off the lights when you leave your house and use the recycling bins located around town and available to your home.  As a person who’s concerned about the Earth’s ecosystems, you want to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. And though it may seem like an overwhelming task, you can help save the planet in many small, but powerful, ways.

Easy Ways to ReduceYour Carbon FootprintDrive Less: Instead of jumping in the car and shooting around town, try riding a bike. If you have to drive, carpool or make sure you’re riding in a hybrid or electric car. Properly inflated tires can save 400-700 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, so keep your tires in check!

Be Vigilant at Home: This is where you’ll make the largest dent in your carbon footprint. Replace all of your disposable light bulbs with LED lights; they last  longer and use less electricity. Make sure to unplug all of your devices and small appliances (think hairdryers, toasters, toothbrushes, cell phones, etc.) when you’re not using them, as they use electricity even when idle. Insulate your home properly. Keep your thermostat two degrees warmer than usual in summer and two degrees colder in winter. Replace old, non-energy-efficient appliances and get an energy evaluation to find out how to use less electricity. Install solar panels, if possible.

Easy Ways to ReduceYour Carbon FootprintReduce, Reuse, Recycle: Find out what and how your city recycles and follow suit. When possible, try to buy used clothing, books and other second-hand items. Twenty-nine percent of carbon emissions come from the “provision of goods,” which includes the manufacturing of just about everything but food. So buy new less often and recycle all items that are gently used. Upcycle those items you can.

Easy Ways to ReduceYour Carbon FootprintEat Local:  Strive to purchase more organic food that’s locally sourced. Local produce and meat don’t have to travel far, so less fuel is used and fewer carbon emissions are produced to get food to your plate. Thirteen percent of greenhouse emissions come from producing and transporting food. Compost if you can.

Buy Carbon Offsets: Finally, support renewable energy projects, reduce your personal carbon footprint and help save the planet by purchasing terrapass carbon offsets. Terrapass carbon offsets are 25% OFF until October 31, 2017. Use promo code: OCTOBER.

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