Create your Own Bike Lane

Written by adam


This product doesn’t actually exist, but based the internet enthusiasm for it, somebody ought to get it into production real quick like:

Traditional blinkers might alert drivers to a cyclist’s presence, but they don’t do a very good job establishing a zone of safety around the bike. By “painting” a visible marker onto the pavement, LightLane establishes a boundary that could keep riders safer.

Beyond any utility the device might have as a safety device, it seems like a nice social statement. If your city doesn’t support cyclists, then make your own infrastructure, in a non-destructive kind of way.

Of course, the product doesn’t actually exist, and it’s not clear that it would even work. Bikes bounce around and vibrate a lot, and that nice crisp line would likely be more of a blurry squiggle. If this device interests you, though, the Down Low Glow is the next best thing, and is available at Amazon in a variety of pretty colors.

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  1. michael

    This is a great idea!!! I once cycled – training and racing – about 12,000 miles a year. Haing a full time job meant that a lot of time in the saddle was at night. This would make a great addition to all of the other lighting accessories available…more so given that it appears to define a right-of-way for motorists to see.

  2. Ted O'Neill

    It sounds like a great idea that can also use a wheel friction generator as a source of power.

  3. Ben Stallings

    The vibration objection could be got around by the same technology currently used in laser levels and steadycams. I’m more concerned about the width of the lane in the photo above… not nearly wide enough for comfort.
    While we’re at it, can we have headlamps with a “bright” mode so we can alert oncoming drivers that they’re blinding us with their brights? 🙂

  4. Eric

    Nice idea, it would be cool if this could somehow be used with the new obstacle avoidance systems coming in cars to make a cyclists light up like a roman candle on the image projected on the windshield.
    I unfortunately think the laser should be a little more high powered and should simply shoot motorists when they get too close to a cyclist’s personal bubble space (he he). I think it would be a more effective deterrent.

  5. Jane

    I’d love something like this for my wheelchair when I have to travel on streets without sidewalks!

  6. Lanna Seuret

    Jane, check out the link to Amazon for the Down Low
    Glow which would work on your wc. It’s expensive –
    $114, but there are other LED products featured lower
    on the same page that would make you a lot brighter!

  7. Jennifer Ayres

    Great idea. In addition to that it would be great if the bike itself and the rider could be lit up somehow. Maybe the rider could wear some kind of night covering that could reflect the light. May be the light could be attached to the top or the back of the helmet somehow. Bicyclists can’t be seen very well, one reason being that their silhouette is so narrow. If the light could make it wider that would be a safety improvement.