Counting the Carbon from your Conference

Written by pete


We’re excited to announce a new calculator on the TerraPass website — the event and conference carbon calculator.

Many of you have been asking for this and we know that it will help individuals and businesses to understand better the impacts of parties, conferences and other events, large or small.

We’ve tried to make this calculator simple to use: just a handful of inputs, and you don’t need comprehensive information about your attendees’ travel plans.

Once you’ve calculated the footprint of your event, think about how you can lower its impact. A few thoughts from the TerraPass team:

* Move it to a place that doesn’t need such long flights to get to. Hawaii’s nice… but it’s far away

  • Don’t invite so many people
    * Keep the menus low-carbon by sourcing local food for meals, and limit the beef!
    * Avoid disposable plates and drinks containers… a reusable bottle is a great conference gift!
    * Try not to have the event at all. Tele-conferencing is cheap and gets better every day. We use GoToMeeting and pick up awards via Skype.


Got any more ideas? Post them in the comments below.

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