Company Profile: UCAPTURE

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Company Profile: UCAPTURE

At terrapass, we’re passionate about fighting climate change and reducing the carbon footprint created by our daily activities. Our goal is to ensure that each of us – individuals and corporations alike – can reduce our environmental impact thru the purchase of carbon offsets, and we strive to make this process simple and seamless. To this end, we’ve partnered with, a company that injects environmental responsibility into online shopping – something we all do more than we probably care to admit. Now, however, your guilty pleasure can benefit the environment. So, shop away!

How It Works: partners with thousands of online retailers – from department stores and gyms to hotel booking sites and tax preparers. When you purchase an item or service online from one of the UCapture partners, a portion of the revenue goes to UCapture. UCapture uses that money to fund carbon offset projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Company Profile: UCAPTUREYou can search for retailers on UCapture’s website or install an extension on your browser that sends a notification when you’re browsing a partner’s site. When you make a purchase, you’ll automatically get credit for “capturing” carbon emissions. It won’t cost you a penny, you’ll still receive existing discounts, and it’s a secure transaction, meaning the retailer is the only party who can access your personal details and/or credit card information.  And with over 2,000 online shopping partners to choose from, you can rest assured that with each purchase, you’re doing your part to offset and reduce your carbon footprint, climate change and global warming.

UCapture partnered with terrapass to support the terrapass carbon offset projects. These projects include methane gas capture, coalmine capture, landfill gas capture, reforestation and renewable energy projects. Click here to read more about the terrapass carbon reduction projects. Company Profile: UCAPTURE

The terrapass UCapture partnership makes reducing your carbon footprint and negating CO2 emissions easy and effortless. But there’s no need to wait for your next online purchase to promote a sustainable planet. You can purchase your terrapass carbon offsets anytime! For just a few dollars each month, you can support renewable energy projects that reduce carbon emissions, help slow climate change and reduce the size of your personal or corporate carbon footprint (note that terrapass has plans distinctly designed for companies, too). Click here for more information on how terrapass carbon offsets reduce greenhouse gas emissions and purchase your carbon offsets today!

For more news on the environment, climate change and energy conservation, continue to check the terrapass Footprint Blog for new weekly posts that will keep you updated and informed. And be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, where we’re always sharing tips and information on living an eco-friendly, green lifestyle.



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