Climate Action Day

Written by Lauren


Join others around the world as they make a targeted statement how climate change is already a part of their lives, with Climate Action Day this May 5th. Click through to learn more and tell us what you are doing.

By Kathryn Sarkis

A recent NY Times poll showed that Americans are starting to connect weather events to climate change. With a warm winter across much of the United States, are we starting to connect the dots? That is exactly what is promoting with their Climate Impact Day on May 5th.
Using the power of social media, is asking all of us to Connect the Dots of climate change and extreme weather. We can all do this through the organization or participation in local individual events showcasing the real and current effects of climate change. This is an opportunity to put a face on climate change, to move beyond the rhetoric of a lack of belief in science, and to put in into context of the present.
Your event does not need to be in an area that has recently experienced a devastating weather catastrophe, like the droughts in Texas or the floods in Thailand to be effective. has a whole host of ideas on their website on how to create meaningful and visually impactful event of your own.
Have you noticed the effects of climate change where you live? Let us know in the comments below.
Did you miss our recently released Climate Action Update? Click here to see all our collective actions have achieved.


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