Celebrate in Style: A Simple Guide to a Sustainable Father’s Day

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 Father's Day Carbon FootprintWith Father’s Day is just around the corner have you thought about what you will do with Dad to celebrate? Make this Father’s Day a time you will remember together with a few interesting and sustainable ideas:

Grill green with your pops.

Solar Grill reduces carbon footprint


BBQs are generally one of the key staples for a Father’s Day meal.  You can ensure it is a sustainable affair by avoiding petroleum-based lighter fluids and self-lighting charcoal, which both release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. To reduce CO2 emissions, use a natural gas grill, choose locally-raised produce, and make sure to clean your grill while it’s still hot. Find out the carbon footprint of your grill on our This vs. That.
Even better – surprise your dad with
an innovative solar grill. It’s an amazing concept: the parabolic shape of the grill focuses sun’s energy and cooks food to perfection without any smoke or CO2 emissions. This is a simple, yet brilliant gift for eco-minded fathers who want to gather the whole family around the grill.

Go to a green event.

sustainable concertBaseball season is in full swing, why not take dear old dad out to the ball game? Major League Baseball  has taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint by keeping the stadiums’ energy and water usage in check, as well as increasing recycling initiatives.

If your dad isn’t into baseball consider arranging concert tickets through LiveNation®. While concerts do use a lot of power and create CO2, TerraPass is working with Live Nation® to offset the carbon footprint of their venues. So, you and your dad can enjoy a sustainable concert. As an added benefit, if you offset your carbon footprint with TerraPass, you can receive 20$ towards your next Live Nation® concert (use coupon code LIVE20). Good for you and the environment!

If the event is close, think about cycling there or take public transit. You’ll be racking up extra “green” points!

Get outside

Get outside with a kite - reduce the carbon footprintThis Father’s Day, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Toss around a Frisbee or ball with your dad at a local park or treat him to a day on the river. All with zero impact on your carbon footprint!

Get your children engaged: a DIY kite is a great present for dad. Upcycle some household items and teach your kids about sustainability as you go at it!

For an adventure to remember, take your dad on a local foraging tour. Have you ever picked your own berries and mushrooms in the wild? Skip the crowded restaurants and avoid the carbon footprint of that hamburger. If there is no tour in your area, there’s an app for that! (Here we advise some caution: know your plants!)

Find that perfect and eco- friendly gift!

Father's Day perfect gift - reduce carbon footprintStill looking for that perfect something to show dad how much he is appreciated?  Consider a few of these eco-friendly ideas:

Do you have that plastic bag collection overflowing in your storage space?  Why not put them to good use and make your dad the perfect Man-bag.  They are stylish, practical and unique!  Check out how to put your crafty skills to work.  It will reduce the carbon footprint of your gift: by reusing plastic bags you will avoid creating more demand for plastic manufacturing, which emits 1 kg of CO2 for every 5 plastic bags made.

For a have-it-all dad, consider EcoSpheres: they are tiny self-sustaining ecosystems encased in glass spheres and pods. This little marvel of beauty and balance provides an excellent example of how CO2 and oxygen circulate in our environment with plants and animals. They are easy to keep. No feeding needed!

If your dad prefers to keep it simple, consider bamboo clothing! Bamboo is very sustainable:

sustainable bambooIt grows without CO2-producing fertilizers;
It doesn’t need extra water, which means it has a low water footprint;
It regrows what has been harvested in just a year or two.

Plus, manufacturing bamboo fabrics does not release climate-warming CO2!

For a fashion-conscious dad, try fancy Cufflinks from Etsy. They repurpose old watch mechanisms, avoiding CO2 emissions from manufacturing new materials. With the mechanical gears and tiny jewels, the cufflinks are masculine yet elegant. For a superspy feel, add a bottle of organic gin.

Join a beer club

Organic BeerIf your dad is not a Gin guy, go for beer! On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than  a unique taste of craft beer from a local organic micro-brewery! A bag with a variety of organic beers would undoubtedly make for a great evening with your dad. To reduce the carbon footprint of your beer, buy it unrefrigerated and cool it in your fridge. Refrigerating in the store makes most of the CO2e emissions in your beer’s carbon footprint, so please don’t encourage it.

Subscribe on dad’s behalf to a local “organic beer of the month club”. Tasty beer is always welcome in your house, right? Each consumer who chooses a week of organic beer helps a farmer convert 1,700 square feet of farmland from conventional to organic agriculture. That’s the size of an average suburban home. Organic growing practices are usually more sustainable than conventional ones. Imagine the benefits to the ecosystem!

Gift-Wrap-300x257If your dad doesn’t drink alcohol, try making root beer with the kids.

What is your CO2 conscious gift for your Dad? Share on our Facebook! If the gift your dad wants has a footprint you just can’t avoid, complement your gift with TerraPass carbon offsets. Click here to check out the TerraPass carbon calculator. And for more eco-friendly tips and information, visit our website, tweet us @Terrapass and take a look at our Pinterest boards!










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