Celebrate Earth Day with terrapass

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Celebrate Earth Day with terrapass

This year, perhaps more than ever, Earth Day (April 22, 2017) will be an opportunity for the world to take note of the serious dangers facing the planet and how climate change will shape our future. Through education and action, millions around the globe will stand up in an effort to protect and support environmental initiatives.

Celebrate Earth Day with terrapassOne definitive way to have a positive impact this Earth Day is through the various terrapass products that reduce your personal carbon footprint or that of your business. Terrapass carbon offsets, Water Restoration Certificates (WRCs) and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are all physical proof that your contributions fund projects that reduce greenhouse gases, produce renewable energy and support water restoration projects.

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Celebrate Earth Day with terrapassThe first step in mitigating your personal environmental impact is to determine the size of your carbon footprint – because you can’t manage what you don’t measure! And if you happen to be attending EARTH DAY TX April 21-23 at Fair Park in Dallas, terrapass will be there measuring carbon footprints and offering tailor-made, expert suggestions on how you can reduce your environmental impact. For those who can’t stop by our booth (terrapass will be in the Automotive Building, Booth #1309), you can easily calculate your carbon footprint online using our carbon calculator. Once you determine your personal environmental impact, you can purchase terrapass carbon offsets to balance out those daily, carbon-producing activities that you just can’t avoid (using your cell phone and computer, driving to work, air travel, using the AC and heat in your home and office, etc.).

Celebrate Earth Day with terrapassMaybe you plan to join us in Texas for Earth Day? Or perhaps you’re traveling elsewhere this spring and summer? Wherever the roads and skies take you, remember that carbon offsets are the perfect way to balance the environmental damage caused by transportation. In its April issue, Alaska Airlines mentioned terrapass in its article “How To Be an Eco-Traveler.” Along with staying in sustainable hotels, renting hybrid cars and using public transportation, Alaska Airlines recommends buying carbon offsets from terrapass to counter the environmental damage of your flight. Carbon offsets fund projects that support renewable energy projects, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow the effects of climate change.

To celebrate Earth Day, terrapass will be sharing special Earth Day ideas and information on our social media channels (follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!). However you decide to mark Earth Day, share your ideas with us on social media and carry those sustainable practices throughout the year. We can’t wait to see how you commemorate the day!

And as always, stay connected to the terrapass Footprint Blog, where we’re providing information and tips for living in sustainable, green style.




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