Canada Day & 4th of July: Low carbon celebrations

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This Canada Day/Fourth of July, show some pride in your country (and our planet) with cleaner, greener celebrations!

Below, we’ve compiled a few of our top tips for keeping the holidays a little more eco-friendly:

Planet-Friendly Partying:

Hosting a backyard bash this year? Consider re-usable dishware, utensils, and tablecloths. Encourage friends and neighbors to walk, bike, or carpool if they live nearby.

If you’ll be serving alcohol at your shindig, consider a keg instead of cans and bottles. Better yet, serve local and organic beer, wine, or spirits. All these steps help reduce the carbon footprint of your Canada Day/July 4th festivities.  Remember if you are consuming alcohol to drink responsibly.

Grill Green:

Consider going meatless for the day. There are a number of black bean, veggie, and other meatless/vegetarian alternatives to traditional burgers and brats, and they come with a much lower carbon footprint. Load up on local, organic vegetables from the farmer’s market and get creative with your veggie kebabs. Here’s a list of great, green recipes to get your creativity flowing. If you and your guest do like a good steak or chicken on the grill, try and buy local….(something like that).

Fireworks Alternatives

While it’s true that fireworks are beautiful, fun and exciting, they’re also a source of air pollution, and they produce harmful, carbon emissions that contribute to global warming and climate change. Fireworks can be dangerous, too, as they release toxic chemicals into the air and into our local ecosystems.

For lighting up the night sky, consider the following, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fireworks (thanks to The Daily Green for these fun suggestions):

  • Light a campfire
  • Pass out organic candles
  • Throw recycled confetti
  • Attend a laser show
  • Pass out noisemakers
  • Attend a parade

Have any more tips to share for a green Canada Day or Fourth of July? Feel free to let us know in the comments, below.

Happy celebrations to all our Canadian and US customers, friends and followers!

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