How To Calculate Carbon Offsets

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How To Calculate Carbon Offsets

Ever wonder how much your everyday activities impact the environment? The average American produces 36,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions each year, or about 3,000 lbs. each month. Think about this: The 3,000 lbs. of pollution that you create monthly is equivalent to the weight of the average car.  That’s a lot of pollution – which results in a huge carbon footprint!  In fact, the average American’s carbon footprint is so big, it’s more than double that of individuals living in other countries. The best way to curb your carbon footprint is to first understand it.  Calculate your carbon footprint here with the terrapass carbon calculator.

How To Calculate Carbon OffsetsGenerally, carbon calculators use the CO2e or carbon dioxide equivalent measurement to express the impact of different greenhouse gases. A calculator like terrapass’s will ask what kind of vehicle you drive and how many miles you drive it. The calculator will inquire about your use of public transportation and gauge your air travel.  The calculator will also inquire about your electricity bill in the area you live.  The calculator determines your annual emissions and then offers ways to offset your impact on the environment.

How To Calculate Carbon OffsetsTo calibrate the carbon impact of individuals, businesses and events, terrapass uses established emissions factors and protocols from expert sources like World Resources Institute and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Terrapass also references the Department of Energy, which compiles statistics on regional carbon intensity, because where you live matters when calculating how much carbon you create. If statistics aren’t available, terrapasses uses industry surveys that indicate average energy consumption.

How To Calculate Carbon OffsetsAfter using the carbon calculator to determine the amount of CO2 you create, you can offset your environmental impact by purchasing terrapass carbon offsets. Terrapass also offers corporate carbon offsets for those businesses concerned with corporate responsibility and corporate sustainability.  All terrapass carbon offset programs support projects across the country that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or create sustainable energy.  For those everyday activities that can’t be avoided (driving a car, using the A/C and heat, cooking, air travel, etc.), carbon offsets provide an easy, convenient way to live more sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint.

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