The Biggest Football Game of the Year: A Sustainable Celebration

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The Biggest Football Game of the Year: A Sustainable Celebration

Whether your team is or isn’t playing in this year’s big game, it’s highly likely that you’re watching the event this Sunday. Maybe you love football or possibly it’s because you can’t stand to miss the new, traffic-stopping ads or perhaps you’re just in it for the fantastically-good eats and beer…and more beer.  Of course it’s the beer! Regardless, it seems the entire USA stops to turn its attention to the gridiron this Sunday for the biggest football game of the year.

Football is serious business and we understand that this weekend is the pinnacle of the season. But once the big game is behind us, we’re hoping to shift your focus from cleaning up the competition on the football field to cleaning up the environment. We can even get started now! Here are a few of our favorite eco-friendly tips and ideas for celebrating the championship game (and all the other sports-watching moments) without any environmental flags or penalties.

Follow the Playbook for an Eco-friendly Gathering

Whether you’re hosting a party for the big football matchup, Fourth of July barbecue or Thanksgiving dinner, the same rules apply to any get-together: opt for reusable dishes, silverware and cups, stay away from non-recyclable decorations, and send everyone home with leftovers so there’s no food waste.

Cook up Your Own EatsThe Biggest Football Game of the Year: A Sustainable Celebration

Supermarket party platters and delivered pizza and snacks are generally full of additives, fillers and artificial flavors and colors, not to mention the non-recyclable packaging. Ditch the delivery and treat your guests to some home-cooked bites made with organic, sustainable, local ingredients. Build your own party sub, homemade pizza, and everyone’s favorite (vegetarian) game day eats, including chips, homemade salsa and guacamole!The Biggest Football Game of the Year: A Sustainable Celebration

Grab a Few Local Brewskis

Does your town have a nearby brewery? Pick up some recyclable cans, bottles or a keg of the best local beer. A local brew certainly won’t have traveled as far as those brands you find in the store, and it also serves to keep your carbon footprint in check.

Turn Down the Heat

With all of your guests pumped up, excited for the action, and huddled around the same screen, you can definitely feel the heat. Save on your home’s energy output (and your electric bill!) by turning down the thermostat a few notches.

Offset What You Can’t Correct

Even with these ideas, it may prove impossible to celebrate the big game in a completely eco-friendly manner. Fortunately, you can cancel out the carbon footprint of the day’s activities by purchasing. Here’s to enjoying Sunday’s game in sustainable style, and while you anxiously await the next football season, be sure to check out the TerraPass Footprint Blog, where you’ll find more eco-friendly lifestyle tips and information. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, where we’re always sharing news and ideas for green living.





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