The Basics of BEF WRCs Restoring Our Water Supply Two Dollars at a Time

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Those extra two minutes you spent in the shower; the hose that was left running one summer afternoon; the toilet bowl that was flushed to get rid of a simple kleenex – all that wasted water adds up over time. The average American uses nearly 100 gallons of water EACH DAY, so every little bit matters and wasting water has alarming consequences. If we take water from our streams and aquifers faster than the water cycle can replace it, our ecosystems suffer, impacting global warming and climate change.

 The Basics of BEF WRCs Restoring Our Water Supply Two Dollars at a Time

Even if we cut back on our H2O demand, only 1% of the planet’s fresh water is fit for human consumption. Further, the growing worldwide population puts more strain on our precious water supplies, yet most of the laws concerning water use are outdated and don’t reflect realistic, modern usage or cost. These factors throw our Earth into a scenario where worldwide water demand far exceeds water supply.

But water is critical to life. It’s a vital life source that we clean and cook with; it keeps up alive and healthy and is used to produce necessary products and services. So how does one balance their water usage, aka their “water footprint,” with the need for a healthy environment? TerraPass saw this dilemma and partnered with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to offer a solution called WaterRestoration Certificates or WRCs.

The purchase price of one BEF WRC® is two dollars.  For those two dollars, 1,000 gallons of water are purchased and restored to critically depleted ecosystems. BEF WRCs benefit projects (click here to find out more about these incredible efforts) that meet a strict set of criteria to ensure water restoration for social and/or environmental purposes. All projects are reviewed by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, which has led the charge for water restoration for more than a decade.

The Basics of BEF WRCs Restoring Our Water Supply Two Dollars at a Time

BEF WRCs support sustainable water use across the U.S., making it a cleaner, greener place to live. Get involved today and make a commitment to use less water and purchase BEF WRCs to balance you personal water footprint. We all deserve a sustainable planet.

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