And the Best of Green Award Goes to…

Written by aditya trivedi


Us! Again!

We are thrilled, tickled pink (or green?), and thankful to the editors of TreeHugger for awarding TerraPass the “Best Carbon Offset Provider” again for 2011 (we were also the recipients of this award in 2010). We are humbled by this accolade and are also deeply appreciative of TreeHugger’s emphasis on our organizational transparency.

This is something we are extremely proud of as our commitment to transparency has continued to strengthen over the years. Every project continues to go through a 30-day retail screening before it is considered for our retail portfolio; every project ton is tracked with a serial number; and every project is audited by independent third party verifiers. We believe this is the only way of doing business, and are pleased to be listed among other organizations who have demonstrated similar commitments.

Make sure you check out the 2011 awards. Included are some fantastic organizations, innovative people, and a hilarious dancing penguin video.

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