Additionality smackdown: Monday round-up

Written by adam


We’re making brisk progress on Day 1 of our additionality smackdown. A rundown of the day’s achievements:

  • We have now assembled half of our expert panel of judges for the additionality report we are assembling.
    • Bill Schlesinger has agreed to participate. Bill sits on our Technical Advisory Board, and among a long list of accomplishments, he was lead author on the third IPCC report.
    • Michael Gillenwater has also generously agreed to participate. I’ll post his full bio to the project web site shortly. Among his many achievements, Michael co-established the U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory Program within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Waste Management, the company responsible for the Tontitown project, has agreed to support our review process fully. We’re grateful to them for opening themselves up to public examination in this manner. We’ve set up interviews with key Waste Management employees.
  • The project web site is set up and we’ve begun filling it with information. It has a particularly rich section of background documents, including the original additionality report on the project.
  • We have begun drafting the additionality review itself. Obviously this is in rough form right now, but it will rapidly begin to take shape.
  • Internally, we’ve been digging into the groundwater contamination issue, which is the only really new piece of information brought to light by the BusinessWeek article.

There’s a lot of stuff in the project review web site — too much for all but the most devoted observer to digest. Tomorrow I’ll be pulling out some of the more interesting nuggets and offering more background on the process.

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