Rhyme and Reason: AB32

Written by Fantasktic Admin


An update on California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32)
from our resident poet, Erin Craig.

Though it hasn’t been fast and people still have their doubts,
though lawsuits and protests may yet go a few bouts,
The Air Resources Board is pushing forward (steadfast)
to limit the State’s industrial emissions of gas.

The “cap and trade system” is all that is new
Greenhouse gas regulation has been around for a few
From landfills to ports, to electricity sources
Controls are here now – but not market forces

So we here at TerraPass are watching and waiting;
there are still a few hurdles before emissions are trading.

400 plus emitters need electronic accounts
to receive free allowances in proper amounts
But many are missing, not signed up at all
The state’s sending emails: Get on board, last call!

Still, when they do, they won’t have quite enough
Most companies need more to keep doing their stuff

On 14th November quarterly auctions commence
Allowances for sale, in dollars and cents
Offsetting emissions is also allowed,
Reducing carbon emissions from refrigerators and cows

Either way, emitting will now come at a price
If it’s high enough we expect it will soon enough entice
Emitters to reduce their permit acquisition obligation
Through efficiency and technology implementation

While easy to say, this is much harder to do
Any fuel burned emits and we demand it. We do.
With our cars and our lights, cement and computers
We’re all the emitters – we are, each, a polluter

Though this system isn’t perfect, is perfection the goal?
With protests continuing, I have to say, on the whole,
I’d rather move forward with best efforts and flaws
Than await something different, some new set of laws

So we’d like to remind that pathbreaking is hard
For regulated emitters and for us, to play our part
Even though these waters are more or less uncharted
It’s high time we disembarked.

Let’s get started.


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