A history of global warming

Written by pfreed


I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the 6th annual Poe Symposium at Cal State University – Channel Islands in Camarillo, CA. The symposium brought together a impressive line up of experts who discussed climate change from the perspective of policy, history, science and business.

Because CSUCI is such a cutting edge campus they recorded the whole event and all the presentations are now online. I highly recommend Spencer Weart’s The Discovery of Global Warming. It’s informative, engaging and full of useful information from a science historian. It helped me remember all the data and evidence which persuaded me about the seriousness of climate change, plus it’s a fascinating story. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. david vito gregoli

    Please stop referring to it as ‘global warming’, it just ads fuel to the fire, so to speak. Climate change is better. Idiots can understand it more easily.
    Another better linguistic tool is using ‘OUR environment’ instead of ‘THE environment’. We are in it, of it and it is not something external from us.

  2. Michael

    The term “climate change” is better, not because it is easier to understand, but because it is more accurate. The temperatures are going up, then down, then up, then down, just as they have since the earth was formed.

  3. Mark Schaffer

    All climate researchers know that climate varies over time but before you allude to the idea of it all being ‘natural’ why don’t you actually read the suggested history for AGW? Your comments will reflect reality far better after doing so.

  4. Anonymous

    [Editor’s note: this message was deleted because it was rude and ignorant. Thanks to Mark Schaffer below for responding so quickly.]

  5. Mark Schaffer

    You know you could read the links to Spencer Weart’s article before making foolish statements with no content. Or just continue to deny reality and see where it gets all of us.

  6. Mark Schaffer

    The question isn’t what “some individuals” believe about AGW but rather what they know and how they know it. Scientists with the most expertise in the study of climate are all agreed that the current warming is steep, serious, and caused by our combustion of fossil fuels as well as land use changes. Vague statements by writers such as “Global Warming Hoax” are not credible with any who are looking at actual evidence.