3PAR helps customers slash carbon footprint

Written by terrapass



TerraPass partner 3PAR today announced that its utility storage products have helped customers reduce their power consumption and carbon footprint by as much as 80%. Green IT solutions like 3PAR have a critical role to play in helping companies save money and save energy.

3PAR has extended the energy-saving capabilities of its green solutions by partnering with TerraPass to deliver Carbon Neutral Storage to customers. The program was launched in January 2007, and by the end of 2008 participating customers realized reductions of over 25,000 metric tons of CO2, the equivalent of eliminating the consumption of over 58,000 barrels of oil.

As a sustainability manager, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by IT jargon. Just remember, technology products designed to save energy will reduce your IT spending and your carbon footprint. A win-win in any language.

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