Sustainability matters. But that doesn't mean you have to stop flying.

Air travel makes up the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transportation sector. New technology and efficiency measures have the potential to significantly decrease GHG emissions from aviation, but these solutions are not in the near future. TerraPass for Aviation is a custom designed program that allows you to mitigate carbon emissions from your personal or business aircraft activity. TerraPass for Aviation also offers retail partner programs such as charter, broker and management companies to offer co-branded carbon offsets to their own clients.


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    “My experience with TerraPass has been nothing but positive. Nancy took our fleet information and returned it to me with the cost per flight hour and supporting information.  Along with this, I was provided with very helpful information and documentation to provide to employees, clients and media.   This was invaluable for communicating the carbon offset program effectively.


    “The feedback from Omni Air Transport customers has been positive.  The majority have opted in and many have expressed their thanks for offering the program. ”


    – Robin Bortolotti, Manager of Marketing and Sales for Omni Air Transport

    “Since 2009, TerraPass Inc. has been our exclusive carbon offset provider offering our customers a convenient way to balance their carbon footprint as a result of their flying. We were impressed with the wide range of projects that TerraPass invests in throughout the U.S., as well as the helpful online resources they provide.  Our Account Manager was a pleasure to work with and helped us create an offering that was unique to our customers’ needs.”


    – Renee Levine, VP of Marketing for CitationAi


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