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Announcing Green Energy in the Home with TerraPass

Every Home TerraPass comes with this handy fridge magnetTerraPass customers have been asking us for a while about green energy in the home. You asked…we delivered. Introducing the Home TerraPass. Find out how much carbon your home energy emits and offset it today!

This has been an interesting — and eye-opening — product to develop, and I wanted to share a few of the revelations I’ve had along the way. Let me throw a few facts at you.

  1. Residential energy is responsible for around 21% of total U.S. carbon emissions. Wow! That’s more than the total emissions of all cars on U.S. roads.
  2. Residential energy carbon emissions continue to grow by around 2.2% every year. Despite all the talk of saving energy, we’re still getting worse. (At TerraPass, we like to blame plasma TVs.)
  3. Electricity generated in Kansas can be up to 3.5 times more polluting than the same amount of energy generated in Washington state. It’s all about what goes into your utility’s electricity generators. Some use water, others use coal. Guess which is more carbon-friendly.
  4. Replacing one 100 watt incandescent bulb with a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) can save up to 350 lbs of carbon a year. This is the amount of carbon you’d emit driving from LA to San Francisco. And the quality of CFLs is much better than it used to be. To show you how good they are, we’re including a free CFL with every Home TerraPass.

There are a lot of home energy calculators available on the web, and we humbly submit that ours is the best. It considers far more detailed factors than most, and hopefully comes up with more accurate estimates as a result.

Of course, there are a lot of green power programs out there for home energy. How does TerraPass compare? You be the judge:

  1. As always with TerraPass, all carbon reductions are verified by an independent third party auditor. We are the only ones in the biz with a published verification report.
  2. A Home TerraPass comes with goodies for your green lifestyle, including a recycled bag dispenser and a compact fluorescent light bulb.
  3. A Home TerraPass is significantly cheaper than typical green power programs. Because prices vary so widely, it’s hard to say exactly how much cheaper we are, but we estimate on average we cost about 66% less. Why? Because your utility is overcharging you.

Best of all, our emissions calculator not only helps you offset your carbon emissions, it gives you personalized tips on how your can reduce your emissions in the first place. By agreeing to act on these tips, you can even lower the price of your Home TerraPass. So get started by calculating your home energy emissions.

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