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Adjust your computer’s power settings to save energy

If you’re not going to use your computer for more than 20 minutes, turn off just the monitor. If your computer will stand idle for more than 2 hours, turn both it and the monitor off. Ensuring your computer is powered down, either manually with a power strip or by setting your computer’s power management features, saves money and cuts your greenhouse gas emissions.

**How this helps**

Powering computers requires a substantial amount of energy. Yet most computers are only used a fraction of the time they are on. Adjusting your computer’s power settings to save energy means the computer and monitor will switch into sleep mode when standing idle. This energy saving change will cut your computer’s electricity use by up to 80 percent and put $25 to $75 in yearly power costs back in your pocket.

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**More information**

* Energy Star: how to save $25 to $75 annually through power management
* UC Berkeley’s guide to power management in PCs and monitors

**Related tips**

* Recycle old computers, or donate them to charity
* Use a smart power strip
* Make sure your next computer is an Energy Star computer

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