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A drink you can drop-kick

Like many TerraPassers, I stay away from bottled water and sodas. But until recently, I still bought small bottled soft drinks by the case for the one use I couldn’t seem to shake: school lunches.

My kids are in high school, and all these years we’ve never used paper bags for lunches. Our cupboard is filled with various models of padded sacks and zipper boxes. Also, we have reusable plastic containers in every size and shape imaginable. Though we do use plastic spoons when needed (got tired of losing real silverware), we do ask that the plasticware come home, and usually it does, right into the dishwasher.

But the drink. We went through more reusable bottles than I care to recall, and they were all horrid failures. Mostly, they leaked. Even if they had sport tops or folding straw tops or no-spill valve tops, the plastic bottles simply couldn’t withstand the treatment they received in a school backpack. Or on the playground. Or wherever it was that the once rectangular foam-padded lunch box became a flattened, leaky mess.

Even with the advent of those (now-unfavorable) hard plastic bottles with screw tops and more recently stainless steel bottles, we had no joy because these were only available in large sizes which would not fit in a school lunch.

That’s why I’m thrilled that we’re now selling kid-sized stainless steel Klean Kanteens in the TerraPass store. At 12 ounces, they’re the perfect size to fit in a lunch box, and you can choose the color and the cap type. For leakproof compactness, the flat screw top is best; for leakproof style and to attach to popular carabiners, the loop screw tops are great. You can get tops in either plastic or stainless steel (the latter a bit more expensive, but more durable).

I’m snapping up several for my nieces and nephews.

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