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As a member of the Just Energy family, we are with all Texans in the destructive wake of Winter Storm Uri. As we consider the damage and loss, we are driven more than ever to build awareness of the threats exposed from a changing climate and how, together, we can act now for the health of the earth that sustains us all.

Restore the Balance

Let’s act now to manage the carbon footprint of our daily activities.

Restore the Balance

Let’s act now to manage the carbon footprint of our daily activities.

Medium & Large Businesses

Invest in sustainability

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Reduce your environmental footprint

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Small Businesses

Reduce emissions and make an impact

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Medium & Large Businesses

Invest in sustainability

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Offset Your Event


Did you know you can protect the climate by offsetting carbon emissions from your event? Travel is one of the biggest sources of emissions. Use our Events Calculator to determine the unavoidable CO2 emissions for your event and purchase offsets to reduce your carbon footprint.


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Calculate the total greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) for your event and pre-purchase offsets to reduce the impact.

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Sustainable Living

Our carbon footprint is the sum total of how our everyday activities impact the environment. It’s measured in carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e). CO2 is one of the most powerful greenhouse gases. Understanding how big your carbon footprint is—or how much your lifestyle impacts the environment—is a key first step in living sustainably.

Small Business Plans

Carbon emissions are a big deal even for small business. Simple things like air travel, commuting, heating, electricity and waste disposal are major drivers of climate change. Terrapass online tools and products help small businesses measure and reduce their carbon footprint, and promote their accomplishments.

Corporate Sustainability Plans

terrapass can help you with the emission reduction goals that are part of your corporate sustainability plan. From measuring to managing to marketing, terrapass is experienced in helping companies of all sizes take steps to reduce their carbon footprints today.

What Our Projects Do


We fund projects that destroy greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy. Each project is made possible by your purchase of carbon offsets.


Our projects are happening throughout North America and across the world supporting their local communities and offering great environmental benefits.


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Terrapass Sustainable Projects


"As an event management company focused on sustainability, we work with many clients who aim to understand and reduce their carbon footprint, and be accountable for those emissions they can’t avoid. Terrapass has become a valued partner for our company and many of our client events because they take time to get to know each event."

Shawna McKinley

Director Sustainability for MeetGreen

"As a manufacturer of concentrated, pre-measured detergents for over 50 years, PortionPac is a company that has always been interested in better positioning itself as a leader in the sustainable marketplace. Partnering with terrapass has helped us achieve this goal by providing a whole picture of our current and historical emissions footprint."

John Paulin

Communications Manager for PortionPac Corp

"Thanks to the creativity and expertise of the team at terrapass, we successfully launched our inaugural Buddy Bison Carbon Reduction Contest in 5 elementary school across the country. The students learned how to take simple action items to reduce their energy and waste consumption. Terrapass worked with us to design a fun, innovative and educational program."

Grace Lee

Executive Director for National Park Trust

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