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Biodiesel, NOx and the value of environmental “prices”

VW's clean TDI technology could let biodiesel users avoid any increase in NOx emissions. This weekend I was checking out my friend Dave's new VW Jetta, emblazoned with biodiesel stickers, as he told me how switching to biodiesel had lowered his carbon emissions 80%. (Biodiesel is based on biogenic carbon -- the carbon emitted when you drive was absorbed by… read more →

wikiHow on how to buy a carbon offset

Congrats to the team at wikiHow for using TerraPass to offset the carbon emissions from running their web site, commuting, business travel, and office operations. If you're not familiar with wikiHow, it's a remarkable site that offers a "how to" on just about everything. My favorite: “How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs." There are many other useful… read more →


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