TerraPass on Car Talk

clicknclack.jpgWe don’t usually blog our own press hits, but this is one we’re especially proud of: TerraPass on Car Talk (web article, not a radio piece).

The interview works plenty of Tom and Ray’s cornball humor into a surprisingly deep piece on the offset industry. Check it out.

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  1. Doug - February 28, 2007

    You know it is really unfortunate that you do not include the worlds cleanest internal combustion automobile on your site. You need to offer the Civc GX as one of the cars in the list for TerraPass. I cannot believe how short sighted this is.

  2. Adam Stein - February 28, 2007

    We derive our data from the EPA database, which unfortunately is incomplete. We periodically add new models, and we will try to get this one in the next pass.
    – Adam

  3. Bob - May 20, 2007

    Ok, so I just discovered your site. I did the calculation thing on my car and it said I put 4695 lbs. of carbon per year into the atmosphere. And it said I use 240 gallons of gas. Now here is my question: 240 gallons x approx. 8lbs per gallon = 1,920 lbs. How do I create 4695 lbs of one substance by burning 1,920 lbs of another?

    (btw, 2/3 of my yearly driving is on a BMW motorcycle, at some point you should add those to the list of vehicles.)

  4. Adam Stein - May 20, 2007

    Hi Bob,
    We get this question a lot. Answer is here.
    – Adam